Phospor Imaging Plates: IPS, IPC2, and IPU

Exclusively designed for industrial use, targeting all classes in both ASTM and CEN standards, the IPS, IPC2 and IPU Imaging Plates from Waygate Technologies Inspection deliver superior image quality, exposure speed and enhanced life. The combination of a wide dynamic range and exposure latitude results in substantial reduction of downtime and greater throughput. Both plates are the latest high-tech components of Waygate Technologies computed radiography systems for industrial applications.

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  • “Fewer Retakes –> High tolerance for varying exposure conditions and a greater freedom in the selection of the exposure dose.
  • Dose Reduction –> In many cases, imaging plates allow the visualization of all diagnostic information with only one exposure.
  • Long Lifetime –> Imaging plates are protected by an EBC (electron-beam-cured) topcoat. This results in plates with superb protection from mechanical wear and excellent chemical resistance.
  • Image Quality –> The composition of the imaging plate storage phosphor material ensures optimum performance. The material has high absorption efficiency, excellent homogeneity and short response time to ensure high sharpness and contrast.”