CRxFlex : Accelerate your asset inspections

The CRxFlex™ is a multipurpose workhorse for a wide range of applications. Designed specifically for nondestructive testing (NDT), it delivers better efficiency, performance, throughput, and image quality than any other system in today’s NDT market—at lower doses for both isotopes and X-ray sources.

Due to high read-out efficiency, this field-proven scanner boasts shorter exposure times, excellent image quality, improved signal to noise ratio (SNR), and basic spatial resolution (SRb). It increases reliability and productivity.

Upgraded core technology offers a variety of scan resolutions from 25 micron to 200 micron, covering all possible NDT segments.

This results in extreme high throughput for oil and gas applications like CUI, ISI and erosion/corrosion inspections, while also providing the highest image quality, which covers even the most stringent weld standards.

Like all available Waygate Technologies CR scanners, the CRxFlex solution is DICONDE-compliant for image acquisition, analysis and data management.

Experience greater efficiency.
As the best-in-class provider of CR technologies for over 10 years, Waygate Technologies combines a proven history with innovative technology. We specially design our computed radiography systems and tools upon customer demand to offer the best results possible empowering you with everything you need to be more efficient.

A high dynamic range, strong SNR, and faster set up, scanning and processing times result in streamlined workflows and more efficient inspections.

An extremely wide latitude allows for a broad range of thicknesses to be inspected in one single exposure, meaning fewer overall exposures and re-takes for higher component throughput. Using Flash!™ also enables quick decisions without the need for any window-level view of the image.

With a limited tabletop footprint, this robust scanner thrives in even the toughest NDT environments.

It reduces downtime with long mean-times-between-failures (MTBF) and maintenance (MTBM). And its state-of-the-art, horizontal transport system has limited contact with the imaging plate during the scanning process for minimal damage or wear. A modular internal structure allows for easy servicing and flexible use.

With specially designed optics, lasers, and best-in-class components, our scanners provide image quality with excellent IQI sensitivity.

It allows for images to be digitally enhanced for clarity during diagnosis. Images can also be electronically shared for second opinions, if unsure of the determination. Software and optional tools guarantee stable, operator-independent results to reduce risk of error.

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  • Faster asset inspections
    Newly upgraded core technology provides faster set-up, scanning, and processing times for more efficient inspections and quality control.
  • Flash! image quality
    Advanced Flash! image optimization technology ensures the highest consistent quality independent of the operator, time after time.
  • Greater productivity
    Image enhancement and data sharing mean streamlined workflows and faster defect identification.
  • A wide range of applications
    From aerospace and power generation, to oil and gas production, the CRxFlex is designed for the rigors of any industry.
  • Peace of mind
    Built for the long haul, our durable, modular design allows for faster, easier service with minimal damage or wear.
  • Higher throughput
    Multiple imaging plates can be scanned simultaneously with the ability to handle any shape or size—meaning fewer overall exposures and retakes.