The scanner INTROCOR M-150 is designed to non-destructively inspect plates from ferrous steel, e.g. above storage tank floor, wall, and roof, for corrosion and cracks. The scanner can reveal and discriminate defects on inner and outer surfaces of the plate, and identify surface where defects are located. Inspection is possible even the plate has protecting non-ferrous coating, and requires only one side access. The instrument utilizes magnetic flux leakage principle of operation. It contains strong permanent magnets to magnetize the steel plate. If the steel plate is degraded, e.g. corroded or contains cracks, the flux leakage above plate changes and sensor pick this change. Signal from sensor is transferred to tablet PC, where it is processed with special imbedded software.

INTROCOR M-150 is a reliable and effective equipment to inspect integrity of above ground storage tanks. The instrument acquires such defects, as transverse cracks, pitting, and general corrosion. Besides measurement of actual steel plate thickness and thickness of protecting coating is possible. The instrument consists of the MFL scanner and processing & displaying unit (PDU) , which controls the operation of the equipment, stores data, and makes downloading for analysis with the software Wintrocor. INTROCOR M-150 is proved to be cost effective, easy to operate, accurate and reliable mean to inspect tank floor, roof, walls, as well as vessels and other steel structures.

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