Every steel wire rope, which is subject to corrosion, abrasion, and fatigue, will fail one day if it is not discarded in time. Steel wire rope flaw detector INTROS enables simultaneously accurate measurement of loss of metallic area (LMA) and detection of outer and inner localized flaws (LF), such as broken wires, strands, pitting corrosion. INTROS inspects the rope at speed up to 4 m/s and can be used during rope production or operation.

INTROS is widely used to inspect ropes at underground and surface mining, cranes and heavy lifting onshore and offshore, cable ways, cable bridges, elevators, guy ropes of flare stacks and masts, overhead transmission lines, etc.

Operation of the instrument is based on magnetic flux leakage (MFL) principle, so the instrument uses strong permanent magnets to magnetically saturate the rope under inspection. Only in case of magnetic saturation, it is possible to obtain high accuracy and sensitivity of the instrument.

The INTROS kit comprises magnetic head, basic unit and software Wintros. The in-house developed software Wintros is powerful mean for downloading and analysis of rope inspection data. Software Wintros RTV for on-line indication of traces, that is very convenient for some specific applications. Wintros-RTV is available under customer’ request.

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