Our most advanced intelligent image processing software just got smarter. The next generation of Flash! is here and now comes standard on all Rhythm Review and next-generation Rhythm Insight systems.

When performing radiographic inspections, every detail counts. That’s why we’ve combined 25+ years of industrial radiography experience with cutting edge imaging technology to bring you the fastest and most accurate image processor available. With a single click, Flash! automatically combines high- and low-density areas into one clear image, with no manual adjustments required.

Flash! is the hardest working image processing system available, capable of performing more than 50,000,000,000 calculations per image, or 1,000 calculations per pixel. It’s also one of the most versatile non-destructive testing (NDT) tools available, capable of performing equally accurate inspections on a gas pipeline, a critical weld, a jet engine or even a work of fine art.

Enjoy the benefits of a faster, more accurate inspection process with Flash!: improved productivity, reduced downtime, and results you can trust.

With Flash! image processing technology, you can expect:
The highest radiographic inspection image quality available

Selecting the right inspection imaging software is just as important as the hardware on which it performs. With the right radiographic inspection technology, you can see even the smallest details in crisp clarity, ensuring valuable assets remain functioning at the highest productivity level.

Flash! uses innovative, proven and leading image processing technology to ensure the highest possible image quality, every time. With a single click, layered images are automatically processed and clarified, for easier reading and more confident results.

High- and low- density details clearly visible in one crisp image

Flash! automatically and quickly combines details from both high- and low-density areas into one HD image, with no manual adjustments or window leveling required. Even the most hidden, previously invisible faults become illuminated thanks to patented, next-generation technology which automatically adjusts to variations in density, materials, geometry, radiation quality, etc.

Flash! works as a layer on top of the original image, without altering raw radiographic inspection data or the measurements made. Whether you need to keep images for 5 years or 50, data integrity is ensured.

Key Solution Characteristics

  • Excellent, consistent image quality across CR and DR platforms
  • Optimal rendering of all relevant imaging data, optimized for the human eye
  • Robust image processing against variations (density, geometry, radiation quality, exposure settings, etc.)
  • Smooth workflow at the operator and reviewer/verification levels
  • High contrast even at lower dose
  • Compatibility on all Fieldrad systems (FS, DR, CR) as well as some XRSystems equipment.
  • Now comes standard on all Rhythm Review and nextgen Rhythm Insight systems
  • Two versions: Flash! (for general use) and Flash!OG (optimized for Oil & Gas)
  • DICONDE*-compliant

* Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation: a global standard for handling, sharing, storing and transmitting information between DICONDE-compliant systems.

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