The USIP 40 is a precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument designed to deliver the utmost in inspection confidence.

Combined with direct encoder inputs and optional application-specific imaging and analysis tools, the USIP 40 offers the ultimate solution for all of your automated inspection needs.

Optimized Benefits

  • Available up to ultrasonic 10 channels
  • Up to 20kHz PRF
  • EchoMAX-never miss a shot
  • Backwall echo attenuator
  • Direct 3 axis encoder input
  • Interface gate synchronizing for surface following
  • Multi-language enabled
  • Aerospace controlled configuration to GE P3TF22, P3TF35 and Rolls Royce RPS 705
  • Automatic gain control


  • Forging inspection
  • Billet inspection
  • Composite inspection
  • Piston testing
  • Bar and tube testing
  • Rail and wheel inspection
  • ERW/Saw weld inspection
  • Gas Cylinder inspection
  • Casting flaw inspection

The USIP 40 Aero configuration is qualified to GE DFO P3TF22, P3TF30, P3TF35, and RRAE RPS705 specifications for jet engine component inspections. USIP 40 instruments are also xtensively used for airframe composite inspection by leading aircraft manufacturers.

Used in conjunction with Ultraproof imaging software, the USIP 40 is the perfect instrument for inspecting pistons and other safety critical parts. Configured in this way, the USIP 40 provides visualization and recording of alarm outputs as well as automatic evaluation and reporting of single flaws, interacted flaws, and total numbers of flaws per part and per batch.

Pipe and tube
With the appropriate probe holders and imaging software, the USIP 40 is easily set up for weld inspection, multi-channel flaw detection and wall thickness measurement.

Plate and billet
Combining inspection productivity and coverage requires multiple inspection channels. The 10-Channel USIP 40 fills this need in both manual and automated inspection environments.

Roll testing
The multi-channel USIP 40 combined with C-Scan imaging provides rapid scanning of industrial rollers. BHGE’s K-Scan software knits multiple ultrasonic channels to form one continuous C-Scan. In combination with the USIP 40’s 20,000 Hz PRF, this package is perfect for high-speed defect evaluation and sizing.

Vessel weld inspection
Combined with Ultramap Weld software, the USIP 40 can be configured to perform multi-channel inspections of welds on pressure vessels to ASME Case 2235 utilizing both Time of Flight
Diffraction (TOFD) and pulse-echo B-Scan imaging and data archiving tools.