Krautkrämer Spotvision

Krautkrämer SpotVision Phased Array Inspection of Spot Welds With increasing vehicle production, the automotive industry is turning to image-based inspection to reduce downtime while maintaining high quality standards.

Spot weld inspection starts here Waygate Technologies’ Krautkrämer SpotVision, developed in collaboration with automotive manufacturers, is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate phased array solution for spot weld inspection. It provides confidence, parts are properly welded. This increases productivity as well as ensures product safety and that quality standards are met at all times.

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  • Increase process control
  • Avoid false negatives
  • Reduce training time
  • 2D matrix phased array probe
  • The membrane is filled with fluid, allowing it to adapt to uneven surfaces and the overall complex geometry of spot welds
  • With Total Focusing Method (TFM) image processing, a higher resolution and measurement accuracy with a comparable phased array is achieved
  • An Industry First The solution combines a phased array probe and the Mentor UT phased array flaw detector for comprehensive insights at the highest level. One of the most remarkable features of the newly developed 2D matrix phased array probe is its flexible delay line, filled with liquid. This allows it to adapt to the overall complex geometry of spot welds. The flexible probe also provides optimal acoustic coupling, avoiding false negatives and minimizing process delays.
  • Better insight for a better result The 2D matrix probe is combined with Total Focusing Method (TFM) imaging technique. This achieves higher resolution and measurement accuracy than with a comparable phased array. Thanks to TFM, each element is fired individually and sequentially while all elements are listening.
  • lower cost through increase confidence Krautkrämer SpotVision is easy to set up and operate, reducing the need for training for qualified inspection personnel. This is due to the software’s intuitive user interface. In addition, Mentor PC Live software connects the instrument to a PC via Ethernet, which is especially helpful when the operator is in a different location.