Krautkramer USM 36 Portable Flaw Detector

An ultra-reliable ultrasonic flaw detector for precise results under any conditions
The harshest industrial environments require rugged and reliable NDT inspection products specifically designed to stand up to any conditions.

There are few inspection tools more versatile than the portable ultrasonic flaw detector. It is ideally suited to stand up to a wide range of inspection challenges including:

  • Weld inspection in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries
  • Corrosion measurement in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries
  • Inspection of fine grained and long work forgings
  • Inspection of special materials, including those used in the Aerospace and Automobile industries

Perform comprehensive and highly accurate NDT flaw detector inspections on industrial assets without interrupting operations or putting personnel at risk.


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Key Solution Characteristics

  • Improved design with familiar functionality

Longtime users of the Krautkramer USM portable flaw detectors line will appreciate the familiar rotary knob of previous models. The new USM 36 combines familiar functionality with a streamlined 6-key dashboard design for intuitive use and nimble measurements in the field.

  • Ruggedly designed to stand up to harshest conditions

A tool that is equally at home in sandy deserts, frozen wastes and in the humid tropics. It is fully protected against dust and water ingress to IP66 and can be operated in ambient temperatures from -10°C to +55°C. Field operators will enjoy its’ lightweight design at just 2.2 kg and an operating life of more than 13 hours, with an integrated battery charger for longer shifts.

  • Advanced technology with unparalleled result

Available in three different versions to meet all inspection needs, including a powerful square wave pulser for excellent material penetration. Offers unrivaled inspection accuracy in sizing of flaws using the DGS method, as well the patented Phantom Echo Detection technology.