TRM 2.5 MHz

TRM-BEx-2.5MHz (no delay line)
TRM-BFx-2.5MHz (8mm delay line)
TRM-BHx-2.5MHz (12mm delay line)

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  • The 2.5MHz transducer module (TRM) is well-suited to thicker sections and lower grade composite material inspection. These include GFRP, out-of-autoclave CFRP as well as thick, coarse-grained metals. Applications include wind turbine blades, marine GFRP and CFRP, GFRP piping and thermal power. Typical component thicknesses are around 1-50mm*.* Get in touch for specific material and penetration information as it can vary.





Technical Details

  • Transducer Type Matrix (2D-array)
  • Transducer Elements 128×128 (16,384)
  • Transducer Aperture 32 x 32mm
  • Element Pitch 250μm
  • Center Frequency 2.5MHz
  • -6dB Frequency Bandwidth 50%
  • Sample Rate 50MHz
  • Acquisition Rate A-scans 100,000 – 500,000 datasets per second
  • Acquisition Rate 10-40 3D volumes per second

Size And Weight

  • Width 40mm / 1.5”
  • Length 40mm / 1.5”
  • Height 84mm / 3.3”
  • Weight 265 grams / 0.5lbs (excluding cable and delay line)