The STRUCTURIX radiographic film product family builds on two critical facets of advanced film technology: high quality images, and rugged performance. STRUCTURIX’ reputation for excellence is the result of Waygate Technologies continuous striving for the highest product quality. We offer a full range of STRUCTURIX radiographic films from ultrafine grain to high speed, in all standard sheet sizes and on rolls. For all of your requirement needs, we have a STRUCTURIX film with the right characteristics and packaging.

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Optimum Image Quality

  • Featuring an AGFA emulsion breakthrough that provides increased contrast and maximum detail perceptibility, resulting in the highest intrinsic defect recognition for each speed range
  • Interpret even the smallest details with ease
  • High quality finished X-ray film with a brilliant surface and pleasant blue tint

Protective Coating

  • Special protective top coating, resulting directly from the Split Antistress Layer (SAL) technology
  • Unique high resistance to pressure, scratching and creasing

Consistent Production Quality

  • Films meet the most rigorous worldwide quality standards
  • Produced at a single facility under tightly controlled conditions in an ultramodern coating room
  • Utilizes a system built using Total Quality Management approach, certified by the ISO 9001-2000 label, providing exceptional performance in production consistency

Consistent Processing Quality

  • Uses Cubic Grain Plus technology
  • Providing consistent and excellent results over a wide range of operating conditions

Multiple Packaging Types Available

  • Economical darkroom packaging in sheets and on rolls
  • Handy pre-packed sheet films
  • ROLLPAC rolls with or without lead screens
  • High-tech vacuum sealed VACUPAC