Predictive Corrosion Management Solutions

Enabling better decisions with visibility and trending of interior piping wall loss

Predictive Corrosion Management from Baker Hughes, a Waygate Technologies company, combines cloud-based
software with Rightrax PM installed sensors to non-intrusively monitor interior piping wall thickness
loss due to corrosion and erosion.

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Drive better outcomes and value

  • Manage and mitigate corrosion-related risks
  • Reduce inspection-related costs
  • Improve equipment performance
  • Improve/optimize process and operations
  • Optimize chemical inhibitor program
  • Improve personnel safety


Collecting data: small profile installed sensors

  • Proprietary SolGel – eliminates need for couplant, adhesives, or welding
  • 1”x1” footprint – Fits under insulation
  • Precision – 0.8 mil / 0.02 mm
  • ATEX and FM certified
  • Heat resistant up to 400ºC / 750ºF


Wireless ultrasonic monitoring: Mote – 64 sensors

  • Fully self-contained
  • Battery powered – 5 year lifespan