This line of mag particle testing meters will help you check and measure the performance of your magnetic bench, electromagnetic current generator or other magnetizing equipment as part of your regular system performance checks.

Find out more about each of our mag particle testing meters by clicking on the tabs below, or contact us for help choosing the right field indicator for your application.

Magnetic Field Strength Meter

The FSM-2 is used for tangential measuring of the magnetic field strength in DC and AC fields. A tangential field probe is attached to the workpiece’s surface during magnetisation, and the hall sensor measures the voltage change produced by the magnetic field. This meter measures the true RMS of asymmetric magnetic fields.

Note: Digital Hall Effect Gaussmeter Part Number: 622604 has been discontinued and replaced by FSM-2

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  • Equipped with a RS 232 interface and background display lighting.
  • With closed cover, the housing meets protection class IP65.
  • Supplied with a mains adapter and a tangential field probe.