Magnetic Particle Test Pieces

Magnetic Particle Performance Evaluation Devices
These test pieces for magnetic particle inspection will help you maintain your mag particle process by verifying magnetic particle performance. Use to check for mag particle deterioration, to compare different magnetic powders, to verify sensitivity or visibility or to assure field direction and strength.

Magnetic Flux Indicators
Flexible indicators used to detect appropriate levels of magnetic field strength and directional orientation during the magnetic particle testing process. Each indicator contains three milled slots with widths of .0075″, .009″ and .010″ that share a common depth.

The indicators are manufactured from permeable magnetic steel sandwiched between two brass plates and designed for repeated use in setting and monitoring magnetic field strength in wet and dry MPI applications.

Quantitative Quality Indicator Test Piece Shims

Quantitative Quality Indicators (QQI) are magnetic particle test piece shims with artificial defects used to verify field direction and relative strength. QQI’s are also used to balance multi-directional fields and to increase productivity by minimizing magnetizing shots. The QQI indicator shims are packaged in sets of five.

Tool Steel Ring
The AS-5282 Tool Steel Ring (formerly Ketos Ring) is a magnetic particle test piece with pre-drilled holes to simulate subsurface discontinuities. It offers a reliable method of verifying magnetic particle system performance when actual test parts with discontinuities are not available.

Magnetic Particle Test Bar
Test bar contains coarse and fine surface and subsurface defects in both directions. Meets or exceeds most industrial and military standards for artificial test specimens.

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