ISOVOLT Mobile 160 Portable X-Ray Inspection System

ISOVOLT Mobile 160 Portable X-Ray Inspection System

Waygate Technologies ISOVOLT Mobile 160 has been designed for operations where access to the inspection area is difficult. It is ideal for flexible use in the energy, mineral and petrochemical industries where pipelines and container tanks require X-ray inspection. All the components are carried in a compact, wheeled transport cart, which provides IP54 protection of the system in harsh operating conditions. The high voltage cable and the cooling hoses are also sheathed for added protection.


  • Combines features of stationary systems with excellent mobility characteristics.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Very compact dimensions with width of only 615 mm allows access through narrow passages.


  • 160 kV X-Ray Generator and Tubes.
  • Own water-cooling system – only electrical power connection is required on site.
  • Constant Potential Technology is employed – excellent power rating of 1600 W at a max:10 mA.
  • Special warm-up routines optimize the performance of the X-ray tubes and maximizes their lifetime.
  • Power mode and Dual Focus operation.
  • A range of X-ray tubes is available from high power to very small diameter tubes.
  • System is equipped with metal eyelet allowing crane lift to difficult access locations.
  • Optional remote control.
  • Removable control module.
  • Protected and strain-relieved HV cable including water-hose, with different cable lengths.
  • On-board exposure calculator.
  • Menu-driven set-up and operation.
  • A number of user-selected configurations.
  • Constant monitoring and display of temperatures and mains voltage.
  • Event logging and immediate interpretation on user interface.
  • Guides users through selected set-up or inspection procedures.
  • Allows PC connectivity.
  • Film Focus Distance conversion calculator – allows rapid exposure set-up.
  • Set-up configurable with different tube types, two tubes can be pre-configured.
  • Real-time-clock-based fully automatic warm-up.
  • Operation with 100% duty cycle @ 30°C (water cooler on-board).


  • Aerospace.
  • Power Generation.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Metals.