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PT. Pratita Prama Nugraha

Jl. Tegal Rotan No. 28, Tangerang Selatan, 15224 - INDONESIA

Jl. Penjernihan Raya No. 28, Jakarta 10210 - INDONESIA

Phone : +62-21 - 74861800   (hunting)
Fax     : +62-21 - 74870100, 74870101
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USM 35X is the latest version of the USM 35 portable ultrasonic flaw detector from GE Inspection Technologies, is now totally protected against the ingress of dust and high pressure jets of water to IP 66 and contains new software which allows its operation to Japanese weld inspection standards.

Product Features:
Protection accorind to IP66
Can be operated in harsh or  industrial environments
Fast and bright color LCD
Rechargeable battery with ability to operate for 14 hours
Max allowable operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C
Optional DGS module for single element or dual element (T/R) probes. The module includes some preset GE Inspection Technologies single or dual probes. Other probes can be configured by the user.