TechScope EZT-II™

The TechScope EZT-II™ is a portable, rugged, single-function EMI system for inspecting drill pipe and tubing in extreme environments. Transverse flaw detection function is standard on the TechScope EZT-II™. The electronics console consists of a heavy-duty, high-impact synthetic enclosure with a sealed and removable cover. All cable connections are mounted on the top instrumentation panel. The cables have 90-degree connectors to eliminate bending. The TechScope EZT-II™ is designed to meet most industry specifications set forth by API, DS-1, etc.



Technical and Performance Data 
Capacity: 2 3/8″ to 6 5/8″ O.D. drill pipe and tubing
Functions: Transverse flaw detection (MFL)
TRUEWALL™ magnetic wall thickness monitoring (MFD)
Data Acquisition: Thermal printer or optional DAQTech III™ computer data acquisition system
Production Rate: Up to 150 ft /minute
Inspection Criteria: The TechScope EZW-II™ is designed to meet most industry specifications (i.e. API, DS-1, etc.)
Major Components: Electronics console
Power, signal, and buggy drive cables
High speed buggy drive with variable speed DC motors
Powerful DC magnetizing coils
Air jack set  (standard or Hi-Low models available)
Buggy heads (sizes optional)
Calibration standards (sizes optional)
DAQTech III™ computer data acquisition system (optional)

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