NiCr Test Panels

NiCr test pieces for liquid penetrant inspection will help you maintain your PT testing process by verifying penetrant sensitivity and performance. Use to check for penetrant deterioration, to compare different penetrants or to verify sensitivity or visibility. NiCr Test Panels are ideal penetrant sensitivity comparators. They come in pairs, with panel set crack depths available in 20 microns.

NiCr Test Panels allow in use penetrants to be compared against “new, unused” product to determine if the penetrant is performing properly. The NiCr Test Panels are made from brass plated with 20 micron nickel-chrome alloy and stressed to induce linear cracks in the plating. The cracked test piece is cut into two twinned panels so that in-use materials can be run in comparison to new and unused materials on identical flaws. Comparison testing can show performance differences in the penetrant material, emulsifiers used with post-emulsified penetrant, developers, or the processing equipment itself. NiCr Test Panels are also known as ISO 3452-3 Type 1 reference blocks.


  • Length 100mm + 2mm
  • Width 35mm + 2mm
  • Thickness 2mm + 0.2mm