This user-friendly and compact HARDNESS TESTER allows for hardness tests to be conducted directly in the production department, eliminating the need for laboratory testing. Its lightweight and compact size make it highly efficient for testing various surfaces, large or unwieldy items, and even pre-assembled products.

Automatic System

The portable AFFRI hardness testers are conform to the new standard ASTM E3246 and are extremely accurate
systems for automatic preloading, loading and measurements.
The Affri system hardness testers achieve the highest level of depth accuracy and measurement resolution available
for Rockwell tests. Thanks to the AFFRI System, the real indentetion measurement is guaranteed without any external
interference in any condition.

Strenghts Of Affri’s Portables Hardness Testers

  • Digital portable hardness testers conform to hardness standards DIN 50157.
  • Indirect calibration conform to ASTM E-18, ASTM E-10, ASTM E-384, ASTM E-92, ISO 6508, ISO 6506 and ISO 6507.
  • Able to read directly in Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop, Shore, Webster, Barcol, N/mm2 hardness scales with hardness conversion and test temperature measurements.
  • Equipped with an advanced calibrated dynamometric load cell. This means that the load application works as bench top hardness testers.
  • The diamond indenter used to measure the depth of indentation is protected inside the tester.
  • Accurate measurements on very thin metal sheets (thickness > 0.06 mm), coating chromium surface, rolled steel and profiles.

Extremely Easy To Use
Just push the probe and the head moves down performing the hardness test cycle in automatic succession without
breaching a phase:

  • Automatic contact with the speciemen
  • Automatic activation of the reference surface point
  • Automatic preloading and loading
  • Automatic measure
  • Automatic return stroke when releasing

At the end of the test, the instrument emits a sound signal and the result immediately appears on the display.
At this point the hardness tester is once again ready for a new measurement.
The whole cycle is shown step by step on the display and followed by the result. The tester can easly be used by
operators of every level.