The CD-Series is our line of magnetic power packs for magnetic particle inspection. These stationary magnetizing current generators are power pack versions of our wet bench units to effectively magnetize parts while keeping power requirements to a minimum. CD-Series units are ideal for large parts which will not fit easily on a wet bench or for parts that require special handling.


  • Most economical way to create a high magnetizing current with minimal power requirements
  • For parts too large for traditional wet horizontal units or parts that need special handlin


  • Exterior
    • Current Assurance Indicator
    • Large, easy to read Digital Ammeter Display
    • Sturdy Flat top, use as a convenient work surface
    • Ergonomic Display and Control Panel
    • Remote Mag Receptacle (Use with ZB-100FMB)
    • Dual 115 volt Accessory Outlets
  • Interior
    • PLC control advanced technology; reduce components and increase reliability
    • Modular digital solid state circuitry
    • Quick Break Circuitry
    • Liquid Resistant panels, allow ventilation while inhibiting fluid intrusion


  • 10,000 amp 3-phase rectified to FWDC output
  • Duty Cycle 0.5 seconds on, 20 Seconds off (2.5% with Maximum of 5 seconds)
  • Ultra Low Frequency reversing DC Demagnetization
  • Available Voltages: 230, 380, 415, 460, 575, 50 or 60 hertz, three phase power
  • Minimum 80 PSI with 5 SCFM capability
  • 60” (153 cm) x 31” (79 cm) Foot Print, allow 24” (61 cm) per side for ventilation
  • Pulsed Output (1/2 sec ON – 1 sec OFF for 10 cycles)