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PT. Pratita Prama Nugraha

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Plant Integrity


Teletest Focus


Teletest was the first commercially available system to utilise long-range guided wave ultrasonic testing for detecting corrosion in pipelines. TWI developed the technology in response to requests from Industrial Members in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. These companies required an NDT method capable of detecting corrosion in pipes and pipelines at areas inaccessible for inspection by conventional NDT methods, i.e. insulated and sleeved pipework, or pipelines running under roads or elevated on pipe racks, etc. The original Teletest®equipment has been replaced by a system with greatly enhanced capability and the flaw detector is sold under the Teletest Focus trade mark.

The basic system consists of:

  • A low frequency flaw detector, the Teletest Focus® unit.
  • Transducer ring or tool that wraps around the pipe.
  • A lap-top computer that contains the software for controlling the system
  • Cable connector between Teletest Focus® unit and tool.
  • Umbilical between Teletest Focus® unit and laptop.

Further information on guided wave activity at TWI and Plant Integrity.