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ITM-525 NDT Indonesia Non Destructive Test Indonesia NDT Equipment and Solutions


INTROMET ITM-525 – PCB copper thickness gauge

General information

The INTROMET ITM-525 gauge is designed for non-destructive contactless in-process measurement of copper thickness in plated through-holes and copper foil on laminate. ITM-525 is used for in-process control to maintain high-quality PCB production.




  • Measures smaller through-holes than others
  • Measures on single, double and multilayer PCB
  • Measures on PCB of unlimited dimensions            
  • Applicable for wet and unetched PCB
  • Measures on SnPb coated PCB
  • Needs only one-side access to PCB
  • Factory calibrated with NIST traceable standards
  • Instant readings and statistics
  • USB connection



  • PCB thickness  0,5 to 6 mm
  • Diameter of PCB holes 0,45 to 2 mm
  • Measuring thickness in the holes 5 to 60 µm
  • Resolution 0,1 µm
  • Measuring thickness on copper laminate
  • 15 to 80 µm

The INTROMET ITM-525 utilizes eddy current principle of operation and consists of a basic unit and  a variety of probe sizes.


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