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PT. Pratita Prama Nugraha

Jl. Tegal Rotan No. 28, Tangerang Selatan, 15224 - INDONESIA

Jl. Penjernihan Raya No. 28, Jakarta 10210 - INDONESIA

Phone : +62-21 - 74861800   (hunting)
Fax     : +62-21 - 74870100, 74870101
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The wire rope tester INTROS is a specially designed instrument developed for the reliable non-destructive inspection of wire ropes. The design allows the customer to use INTROS in difficult operating conditions, wherever the rope is installed. Its system includes a portable basic unit (data logger) and magnetic head. With a battery powered data logger that can last for six hours, you now have an internal memory storage for later downloading, and has illuminated displays to indicate current measuring information. Its basic unit is compatible to 11 sizes of round and rectangular magnetic heads cross section.

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