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PT. Pratita Prama Nugraha

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Jl. Penjernihan Raya No. 28, Jakarta 10210 - INDONESIA

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Advanced Ultrasonic


Mentor UT is a powerful, connected ultrasonic flaw detector optimized for corrosion/erosion mapping of process vessels and piping and weld inspection. Mentor UT brings the power of array inspection to everyday use with an intuitive, touch-screen inter face and customizable inspection applications ("apps"). Build custom apps for your inspections or use apps pre-installed on the device. Increase your inspection productivity and lower training costs with guided on-device setup and calibration. download brochure


The PALM Flat Scanner - part of the PALM Scanner family - is a versatile and ergonomic UT inspection tool featuring an integrated encoder and magnetic wheels, allowing vertical and overhead operation. The scanner can be used on diameters larger than 90 mm for circumferential scanning and 200 mm for axial scanning.

The PALM Flat Scanner circumferentially inspects pipes of diameters from 90 mm (3.5”) outer diameter to flat and inner diameters down to 250 mm (10”). The minimum diameter of axial scanning is 200 mm. The tools can carry probes up to the size of 70 mm (length) x 50 mm (width) to suit any inspection procedure regardless of tube thickness, material or acceptance criteria.

The PALM Flat Scanner is delivered with a wide selection of accessories in order to make inspection and/or equipment handling even simpler. With other types of probes, the PALM Flat Scanner has the potential to solve many other applications as well.  download brochure


When paired with a phased array UT flaw detector, the GE PALM Scanner enables UT weld inspections of difficult-toaccess, small diameter pipes in confined spaces. The PALM Scanner family inspects pipes of diameters from 1.5” up to 3.5”. The tools are adaptable with various wedges and phased array probes to suit any inspection procedures regardless of tube thickness, material or acceptance criteria. The PALM Scanners are delivered with a wide selection of accessories in order to make inspection and/or equipment handling even simpler. download brochure



Flaw Detector

USN 60

GE's USN 60 ultrasonic flaw detector series has been optimized for use in direct sunlight and operation at extreme temperatures. These new characteristics make the instruments ideally suited for outdoor use with its increased long battery operation time. Depending on the applications challenges, you have the choice between the USN 60 and the USN 60L version. download brochure

USM 36

GE's Krautkramer USM 36 is the latest development in GE’s USM range of flaw detectors. It combines the 21st century operating platform with the reliable and robust hardware of GE’s well-established Krautkramer portable flaw detection instruments. It incorporates a range of innovative flaw detection features to ensure that this new instrument is adopted as the everyday workhorse of flaw detectors by NDT inspectors globally. download brochure


The USM Go+ ultrasonic flaw detector is simple to operate using one hand with new arrow-keys. It weighs less than 2 pounds, is robust and well sealed meeting IP67, and built to withstand the rigors and use in harsh industrial environments. It's large, high resolution (WVGA) A-Scan display and outstanding ultrasonic performance are essential for inspections based on common codes and standards. The first choice when top UT performance, combined with ultra-portability and one-hand operation is required. download brochure


SpotChecker is a hand-held flaw detector for testing spotwelds in situ on the production line. It weighs just 3.2 kg, is battery operated and is sealed to IP65. It features hot swap battery exchange to ensure continuous operation. SpotChecker does not require intensive training but offers the advantage of an “expert” system for people less qualified in weld inspection. download brochure


Thickness Gauge


The new DMS Go+ Series of A-scan thickness gauges provides accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data in a wide range of applications and environments. All three models feature intuitive, easy-touse arrow-keypad control and carry out from simple Ascan verification to B-scan and full Data Recording. The three thickness gauges are easy to upgrade with additional features and capabilities in order to form a powerful and flexible NDT inspection tool that meets your corrosion thickness application needs. download brochure


The DM5E Series Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gage enables you to accomplish a large number of demanding tasks, especially with remaining wall thickness measurements on components subjected to corrosion and erosion. These gages are smart , simple-to-use ultrasonic thickness gages that offer big performance in a small lightweight package. Their compact size and ergonomic shape provide comfortable one-hand use. download brochure



Ultrasonic Small System


The USIP 40 is a precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument designed to deliver the utmost in inspection confidence. A variety of packaging options allow the USIP 40 to be configured as an ultrasonic box driven by a remote PC, an integrated rack mount instrument , or as a battery powered portable instrument. Combined with optional application-specific imaging and analysis tools, the USIP 40 offers the ultimate solution for all of your inspection needs. download brochure


GE's Krautkramer Tanks are a newly developed automatic ultrasonic C-Scan inspection platform. It utilizes a unique modular design approach to provide different scanning configurations for different types of test pieces. Every optional component is independent in function and integrates seamlessly with the basic framework. This flexible system not only satisfies diverse inspection requirements, but also achieves the perfect balance in terms of functionality, performance and cost. download brochure


GE`s Predictive Corrosion Management solution moves your operation beyond manual inspections to continuously connect assets, data and people. This groundbreaking package combines Predix cloud-based software, Rightrax PM installed sensors and advisory support giving you the actionable intelligence you need to manage corrosion related risk, proactively make disposition decisions and help minimize total cost of operations. download brochure




SonoDur3: The original stands out with its technology and innovation

NewSonic once again proves its high competence in development of test devices and systems in UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) hardness testing technology. The SonoDur3 is exemplary in terms of a good overview and uncomplicated handling, just as its predecessor SonoDur2 was. Nevertheless, it shows ground-breaking improvements as compared to the predecessor model. The SonoDur3 is robust, which makes it industry-capable. Specifically developed and built for demanding everyday use, it has a high functionalityand can be expanded similar to smartphones and tablet PCs. Its high-performance energy concept means that special measures for the provision and surveillance of different power supplies are not necessary. Replacement batteries for SonoDur3 and the corresponding charging stations ensure 100% availability. (download brochure)



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