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PT. Pratita Prama Nugraha

Jl. Tegal Rotan No. 28, Tangerang Selatan, 15224 - INDONESIA

Jl. Penjernihan Raya No. 28, Jakarta 10210 - INDONESIA

Phone : +62-21 - 74861800   (hunting)
Fax     : +62-21 - 74870100, 74870101
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Remote Visual Inspection

XLG3™ VideoProbe®
Inspection Technologies

Versatile Tool Drives  Inspection Productivity

The Inspection Technologies XLG3™ VideoProbe® system - today’s most revolutionary remote visual inspection (RVI) tool - provides significantly improved inspection capabili-
ties to boost productivity in your operations. With a host of advanced features, such as QuickChange™ probes thatquickly reconfigure probe diameter and length, 3D Phase
Measurement for on-demand measurement and real-time communications for collaboration during live inspections, the XLG3 VideoProbe system delivers the versatility
you need for fast, efficient and accuratedecision making.

XL Go™ VideoProbe®
Remote Visual Inspection

The new XL Go™ VideoProbe® system takes remote visual inspection to new heights. No cords, no boxes—just outstanding image quality in an incredibly rugged and portable package.

Redefine Portability

Whether you're climbing a 100 meter tower to inspect a wind turbine gearbox, crawling a top a refinery heat exchanger or creeping under a turbofan jet engine on a test stand, a portable video borescope is essential.

The XL Go™ VideoProbe® system combines portability with performance—delivering    sharp, clear digital images on a system designed to meet inspection needs across a wide range of industry applications.

XL Go combines cordless operation with a host of features found in systems three times as large.  Unlike other video borescopes, the XL Go has no bulky base unit, no backpacks,
no tethered scopes or power cords  to get in the way—ensuring unlimited inspection access and unprecedented ease of use.

XL Vu VideoProbe®
Remote Visual Inspection

The Essential Video Borescope XL Vu VideoProbe from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is equipped to handle all of your remote visual inspection needs.

Advanced Features

Portable and equipped with essential features make GE video borescopes the best equipment value in the industry.

•  1GB Internal Flash memory
•  1 USB® 2.0 port, VGA video out
•  Full tip optic interchangeability with secure double threads
•  Intuitive, easy-to-use controls
•  Servo motor All-Way® Probe articulation
•  AC corded or battery powered options available
•  Custom shipping and storage case included with system